Things I Love About Autumn

Nothing beats summer—the warm breeze, the hot sun, sand under your toes. Summer will always be my favourite season, but there is something perhaps even more special about the fall. It is so wonderfully perfect. Here are some of my favourite things about autumn!

  1. The soft colours. The leaves all turn marvelous shades of yellow, orange, and red.
  2. The horses get fluffy and soft. There is nothing better than throwing your arms around that soft, fuzzy, strong neck; running your fingers through the fluff; or sitting on the back of a fluffy horse.  
  3. Jeans and sweaters. They’re so comfortable and warm, and nobody will judge you for it!
  4. The smell of hay. Once the grass starts to go, you know you’ll be feeding hay in no time! The sweet smell, that wonderful sound of horses chewing, and the expectant eyes that follow you every time you go into the barn are all an integral part of the season.
  5. The routine of feed time. Many horses are put on feed during the winter months to keep up with necessary vitamins and to keep them fit. While some people think of feed time as simply a chore that needs to be done, I find it very refreshing to have the horses look to me as an especially important part of their lives when they know it’s time for their feed! I actually enjoy watching over them to make sure both get their fair share and to prevent one from eating the other’s feed—and I find it so incredible when they learn the routine too!                                                     
  6. The horses are so calm. I’ve heard of mares becoming even more “mare-ish” during the autumn months, but for Destiny, it seems to be the opposite. Although she occasionally becomes a bit frisky in the morning and evening, she is usually incredibly laid-back and calm during the day. Riding is so peaceful and freeing, and I know I can count on Destiny to be quiet and willing and less likely to spook at random objects. Trail rides are the best!
  7. The crisp of leaves under your feet. That soft crunching is so reassuring in a way.IMG_4215_edit
  8. Blue skies and soft sunlight almost every day. It’s been a lovely autumn so far for me. The air is cool, but the sun warms things up in no time.
  9. Beautiful sunsets. Those fiery clouds that have us all pointing our camears at the sky.
  10. It gets dark early—which means more reason for TV and video games!
  11. New shows come out and our favourites are back on the air!
  12. Weather changes: it’s like summer during the day, and practically winter at night. This means warming up next to the fireplace (or the heater…) and putting on lots of sweaters. And sometimes winter coats. And maybe 3 pairs of gloves.
  13. Midnight bonfires. (And fires in general)
  14. Hot drinks (apple cider anyone?) and soup on especially cold days.
  15. Halloween = candy! Time to go buy out all the candy stores!

What do you love most about autumn? Leave a comment to let me know!


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