Finding Inspiration

This is just me rambling on this lovely October day. Things have been pretty crazy lately, but I’m hoping to make a big post this weekend about Destiny, celebrating our 5th anniversary!

It’s not always easy to find inspiration. Motivation is one thing, but inspiration is quite another. You might be motivated to do something, but not know what to do. Sometimes you’re stuck and don’t know where else to turn; other times you simply might not know where to start, or you might not be able to think of a topic. Here are some tips that may help you find inspiration, whatever kind and in whatever form that may be.

  1. Go for a walk. Keep your head up, look around, and keep an eye out for anything that may spark your interest.
  2. Look for the bright side of everything. If you’re discouraged with the lack of progress you’re making with your horse (or another interest of yours), find inspiration in finding ways to succeed. Look for new ideas to try, take the time to do some research, and keep trying. If you’re looking for inspiration in your writing, you can then write about what worked and what didn’t, as well as your own experience and the new expertise you’ve acquired on the subject. Or if you break your hand . . .
  3. Always keep an open mind. Sometimes that seems very boring may be exciting to others; or just your perspective and frame on the subject! Always be open to things and consider how you could use them.
  4. When you have an idea, write it down. That way you can always come back to it later, and you never know–one idea may lead to another!
  5. Consider your hobbies, work, and lifestyle. Is there anything about your daily life that could inspire you or others? Keep doing what you love, and surely something will present itself.
  6. Look at photos (either your own or some on google–you can look for a variety of random themes, such as high, cold, or fast, if you can’t think of anything on-the-spot) and videos (on youtube). You can look for specific or random themes, or just browse until you see something interesting. You never know, one perspective or view may inspire a whole new idea for you.
  7. Analyse a single word or subject and find what it means to you. You can find lists of random words by searching on google (try “photography ideas”), then choose one and create your own spin on it. This is common for photographers, but I’m sure it would work for writing too.
  8. See what others are doing and talk to them. This is one of the best ways to inspire yourself, and the other person will be happy for your interest in them as well–win, win!
  9. Tell people about you. For example, in your blog, you may explain your life’s story, write about recent events in your life, answer questions about yourself, or list random facts about yourself (what you like, your favourite things, your hobbies, etc.). For photography, you may aim to capture a self-portrait that shows exactly who you are, or a photo of your favourite things.
  10. Ask questions. You can never go wrong asking questions. Whether you write a story based on one philosophical question or simply ask your followers their opinion/thoughts on something personal or trivial, questions can be one huge way to find inspiration. Maybe you’re just not completely clear on some subject and need some confirmation that can help you understand and finish what you started!

Inspiration is different for everyone. Some people are always coming up with new great ideas; others have a bit of a harder time. Truthfully, most people will be stuck for an idea at some point or another. This is only a partial list of ways to find inspiration. Something will work for you, whether or not it’s on this list; you just need to keep looking.

Sometimes inspiration comes in the weirdest forms. You just need to put yourself out there and keep an open mind!

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