Feel Like Dancing??

    I’m so thankful I had the privilege of reading these wise words! Very inspirational and uplifting. I had to share, for anyone who wants to read! (For some reason this is making all my letters uppercase…just an fyi, it’s not intentional)

Country Girl Reviews

Are there ever times when you just feel like throwing up your hands and dancing? When you want to get on the rooftops and shout praises? Are there times when you are just SO happy, it’s amazing that you can actually fall asleep at night???? Times when you sing worship song after worship song, but you know it’s not enough??

I’m having one of those days. Why? The answer is really quite simple.

Because MY God is the God of the impossible. Because MY God cares about ME. Because MY God gave up His only Son to be utterly human and die in one of the most dreadful ways. Did I mention that He did that for ME????

Yes, ME!!!! The sinful girl over here who tries and fails. My attempts at righteousness end up like ‘dirty rags’ in God’s sight. I can’t do it. No one can do it…

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