What Country Means To Me

From today's photo shoot with my best friend. <3

This one goes out to all the tomboys out there! By no means am I a girly girl. That doesn’t mean I never brush my hair or shower (well, okay, sometimes it does); it just means that I’m not afraid to get dirty or “play rough.”

Last night, my best friend begged me to let her paint my nails. I gave in, seeing as it’s not going to hurt me any, but it got me thinking. Some girls do this stuff regularly, maybe even every day. Painting nails, makeup, new hair styles–it’s a whole outside world to me. It’s not that I plain and simply don’t want to, it’s that I just don’t really care to, myself, and don’t usually have time. I mean, really, anything I do to make myself look pretty is only going to become undone by lunchtime, because I am the one who is always doing barn chores, riding horses, four wheeling, and exploring random new areas (which usually involves climbing at least one cliff or “mountainous” hill). I’m not against doing this kind of thing once in a while, but doing so every day would quickly become monotonous for me, simply because of who I am. But you know, that doesn’t mean I’m a slob either. I do what I can to make myself look decent–I just don’t go over the top, spend any more money than necessary, or take more time than I have to.

Which leads me to the true intended purpose of this post, which is somewhat related: what being country means to me. I live in the country, as most know, but I don’t exactly fit the typical “country” stereotype, per se. I suppose, since that is the case, I had to make a new definition of “country” for myself, so that I did. It’s not special, just a list of things I can relate to, but to me, it means something more than words themselves can explain, and that meaning is exactly what country means to me. Maybe some others can relate.

Some people say that life is in the city. For them, that may be true; but for me, it’s the total opposite. I have never felt more alive than when I am in the countryside.

What being a country girl means to me:

-midnight hikes/drives, just for fun
-riding in the back of a pickup on a dusty dirt road
-late night bonfires
-fireworks at 4AM
-“extreme” sports (including “extreme” sledding…and ping pong)
-driving ATVs on seriously crazy trails…and coming home covered in mud
-not being afraid to get dirty
-not being afraid to take a few risks
-in fact, not being afraid of much of anything
-jumping off cliffs into the lake
-jeans, tank tops, and paddock boots
-and cowboy hats
-lying in the grass in the sun
-sitting in the middle of the road, talking about life (safely)
-exploring everywhere and everything
-sunsets and stars
-irrepressible determination and stubbornness to match, like when you race your brother across the lawn even when your horse stepped on your foot yesterday, you can barely stand on it, and you know you’re going to lose
-tire swings (and similar structures)
-finding a way to make anything you want, by using the basics (even if it doesn’t turn out quite like you were hoping)
-screaming at the 1000lb animal charging at you at 40mph
-having worn makeup only once in your life…and proud of it
-not being afraid to take a compliment, but also not afraid to take criticism
-living life passionately and on your own terms
-finding the beauty in everything and always looking on the bright side (even when there is no bright side)
-when your brother’s friend considers you “one of the guys” and you don’t think it’s weird…in fact, you kind of like it
-playing video games, and screaming at your TV because your wi-fi is terribly slow
-throwing your heart into everything you do and never giving up

So, essentially, that is just a list that applies to me. We are all individuals, and “being country” is different for everyone. So what does being country mean to YOU? Let me know by commenting!



    • Thank you! :) Actually, though, I do happen to be wearing (minimal) makeup in that picture. xD Yeah, that friend who wanted to paint my nails? She also decided it was a good idea to curl my hair, put makeup on me, and go out to the barn to take pictures of me with my horse. I agreed, since horses were involved. However, in almost all other pictures I have posted or will post in the future, I am not wearing makeup.


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