Three More Weeks To Freedom

The verdict is in: the scaphoid bone in my wrist is broken.

It’s still sore, but not bad. Mostly, it’s just when I try to move my thumb. The worst part, though, is that I have to wear the cast for three more weeks! The good news is, the splint/half-cast I’ve had for the last 10 days seems to be holding it in place well, so I’ll just keep wearing that instead of a full cast. This way, I can simply take the cast off to shower–as long as I don’t move my hand much! It feels so much better, it’s hard to remember sometimes. I can type easily (though even less properly than before), and I can write (somewhat messily, but even that’s improving).

Even if my hand is broken, it’s not going to stop me from riding! I rode Destiny home on Tuesday night, and now both she and Molly are happily grazing in my backyard! I’m not going to say riding was easy, considering she doesn’t neck rein, but she’s very sensitive and responsive so it was very possible. I rode her in a rope halter and rope reins for easier control. I was actually able to hold the reins between two fingers with my right hand, and I could pull gently to the right. Luckily, Destiny is so sensitive that that was enough to steer her. She was spooking at a lot of random objects, but just little random jumps, not crazy whirling-away-from-it-running-in-the-opposite-direction-while-I-hang-half-out-of-the-saddle-trying-to-hang-on type. She has definitely quieted down over the years. It was getting very dark by the time we got home, so my mom followed us down the road with her four-way flashers on. We didn’t meet up with any traffic anyway, so we made it home safely and put the horses out. We have more grass since we mowed down all the bushes, so they have plenty to eat for now!


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