Christmas Is Coming

I’ve never written a blog before, but I guess I’ll just start. I’m 18 years old and from Canada, and I own a pretty bay Arabian mare named Destiny. For the past four years, I’ve boarded Desi at my cousin’s barn, but she isn’t keeping horses anymore. Since the next closest place to board is at least a half hour drive from my house, we’ve decided to build a barn on our land. That was the fall’s project, besides keeping up my grades in my first term of university. The barn is now up, and I rode Desi home about a month ago–two hours on the back trails to get here. She is now happy and fully settled in. Now my job is keeping her exercised; her paddock at the moment is smaller than she’s used to, and being a purebred Arab, she tends to get hyper when locked up in a small area for too long. She’ll have the full run of the land in the summer, but for now, I’m trying to ride her as much as possible. Having her home has been great too, as I can see her whenever I want and it’s easier to train her. We’re working on ground tying and coming when called now. As for the barn, we’re working on the tack room, which is going to be heated with running water (in the meantime, I’m carrying water from the house).

Aside from the barn, Christmas is coming, and my brother and I got our Christmas tree a couple of days ago. This was the first time we got it by ourselves. It’s a bit funny-looking, and in need of love, but it’s actually kind of cute (if one may consider an evergreen “cute”). We also picked up a tiny baby evergreen, which happens to be extremely “fluffy.” I call him Mr. Pickles. Both are now decorated and ready for Christmas! There are just 10 days to go!


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